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Blending Nature with Science.

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A Versatile Multi-Modality Platform

The SaltFacial™ Skin Renewal Therapy uses three state-of-the-art technologies to transform your skin: Sea Salt Resurfacing, Aesthetic Ultrasound, and LED Phototherapy.

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Happy Clinic® SaltFacial™

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For Happy Clinic® Denver Salt Facial

What is the SaltFacial™ process at Happy Clinic®?

There are three steps involved in the SaltFacial™ procedure for safe, effective results.

  • The first step uses pure, all-natural sea salt for exfoliation purposes.

  • Next, an ultrasound handpiece is utilized to hydrate the skin with antioxidants.

  • Last, a high-intensity LED light is incorporated for phototherapy to remove redness and damage, acne, reduce pigmentation, repair skin damage, and promote oxygen and collagen production.

What skin conditions can the SaltFacial™ help treat?

The SaltFacial can treat various skin conditions which includes:

  • Acne and acne scarring

  • Stretch marks

  • Enlarged pores

  • Sun damage

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Uneven texture

  • Uneven pigment

Who is a good candidate for the SaltFacial™?

There are no harsh chemicals involved in the SaltFacial™. This method of facial rejuvenation is appropriate and effective for all skin types and ages.

Does the SaltFacial™ treatment hurt?

The SaltFacial™ is typically a pain-free treatment. Some patients have expressed slight stinging in areas where the skin is thinner or more sensitive.

How often should I do the SaltFacial™?

We recommend at least four SaltFacial sessions for the best results. The SaltFacial, as with all skincare services, can and should be repeated monthly for continued skin maintenance and optimal results.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience dry or flaking skin, redness or pinkness, and possible stinging around sensitive areas; near the eyes for example. These side effects should lessen after 24-48 hours.

Salt Facial FAQ

Your provider may give you further instructions specific to you.

Post-procedure for Denver SaltFacial™

How much is a SaltFacial™ treatment?

Please refer to our pricing page, and don’t forget to check out our current deals and packages!


What is the downtime after the SaltFacial?

There is no downtime. After your SaltFacial™ treatment, you can continue with your usual daily activities.

Are there any post procedure instructions?

Before you leave, we will apply topical protection such as sunscreen. When the SaltFacial™ treatment is combined with exosome therapy we typically do not apply sunscreen because of the exosome’s biological nature.

How will I look post treatment?

Some patients may experience redness right after treatment which will subside within minutes.

Want to achieve or maintain a more youthful look? We’ve got you covered.

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